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We are often asked the question how is the Foundation funded? The answer is not simple. Funding our Foundation pupils and outreach costs approximately £1.5 million each year, with those costs only looking to increase in the future.  

When the charity was originally established in 1813, it was fully funded through the Annual Appeal; however, today there is no silver bullet. We are not an endowed school nor do we have a “godparent” organisation to support us. The Appeal is still a major source of funding but, increasingly, our children are supported directly by trusts and charities or individual giving programmes such as our Alumni Syndicates and Parent Appeal. 

The long-term viability of the Foundation is our utmost concern and so we have established our endowment funds, whereby only the income is used for annual support; this includes any legacy gifts we receive. Thus, our donors know that they will be supporting Foundation pupils each year permanently. Our target for all our endowments is £10 million; we currently have approximately £3.5 million under management. 

The School donates 4% of Gross Fee Income to the Foundation. This amount donated by the School fully covers all the operating and fundraising costs of the Foundation with the remainder going to direct pupil costs.

Donations come in all sizes and we are grateful for each and every one. Bringing them all together allows us to continue to change the course of children’s lives for now and for many years to come. 

Please click here to find out how you can support the Foundation.

If you'd like more information about the Foundation, please email Director of Development & External Relations, Kathryn Bartram

Thank you for your support.

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