Tim Henman OBE

Tim Henman OBE

Old Reedonian and long-term supporter of the Foundation

Tim Henman OBE, Old Reedonian and supporter of the Andrew Reed Foundation

I was fortunate enough to join Reed’s School on a Scholarship. The concept that external funding can turn potential into talent that is fully realised has remained with me. As a consequence of the quality of the boarding education and the tennis programme that I received at Reed’s my talent was harnessed and the School enabled me to achieve in my chosen field. Most importantly, through my own Foundation, I am now able to create “One Life, One Opportunity” moments for thousands of young people through our Outreach, Scholarship and Special Needs programmes – all inspired by Andrew Reed.

Andrew Reed directed his efforts on those with little or no family support, living on the edge of their society and often confronting abuse, addiction and poverty. He offered a philanthropic branch to those starved of opportunity by giving them "a good education" that, in my case and for many others,” is a fortune a child can never spend."

Reed’s School’s Foundation has moved with the times through its extensive partnerships with schools in deprived areas, through retaining and growing its City profile, and through educating the “haves” and the “have-nots” both within the school community and beyond so they can live and work together for mutual benefit.

The Tim Henman Foundation was delighted that Reed’s was the first Tim Henman Foundation Ace Centre and I hope our partnership with the Andrew Reed Foundation can continue to flourish.

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