Angus Darroch-Warren

Angus Darroch-Warren

Old Reedonian and former Foundation pupil

Angus Darroch-Warren

After the death of my father in a road traffic accident when I was five years old, my Mother was increasingly under significant financial and emotional stress, struggling to raise and provide for my brother and I. In particular, I was causing problems at my primary school, at home and within the local community. The behaviour was unacceptable and led to minor acts of vandalism, frequent altercations and incidents which can only be classed as petty criminality.

This is where the Reed’s Foundation came in when I was aged 11.  It was what provided me with both the discipline and pastoral care that I need at that time.  The Foundation, along with input from the Army Benevolent Fund, paid the school fees with my Mother contributing a nominal sum for both my brother and I.

I can state unequivocally that had I not been afforded the opportunity of attending Reed’s, I would have become a totally different person and one that would have not realised my potential. Whilst I perhaps did not excel as an academic, I still attained grades sufficient to allow entry into further education, obtaining my degree and, latterly, my Masters. I was able to develop as an individual, to sample different experiences either on the sports field, or during one of the many extra-curricular activities available to students at the time.

At all times, I was with other like-minded pupils, learning how to interact with others from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, being part of a team at either House level or when representing the School. Reed’s reinforced the moral framework my Mother was trying to instil in me and perhaps vindication of the positive effect that the school had on me was being appointed School Captain in my final year.

I truly believe that any child in a similar situation as I was in who has the opportunity to attend the School, thanks to the Foundation and the support of its many benefactors, will leave it as a complete individual equipped to face the challenges of life. It is why I am happy to give the time and effort to help the School attain its objectives and maintain the vision of Andrew Reed.

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