THE BARNETT FAMILY Champions of the Foundation Posted - 10/02/2020


Like his parents before him, David Barnett has served as a loyal Governor and Trustee of Reed’s School and the Reed’s Foundation for over 37 years. During this time he has been instrumental in not only transforming the School, but also, crucially, ensuring the long-term viability of the Foundation. His dedication and commitment to the Foundation has transformed the lives of hundreds of vulnerable children.

When David joined the Board of Governors in 1982, the School was a very different place to today. Back then, there were 323 pupils, and a tenuous financial position with Foundation funding under threat. Through many years of hard work and dedication, Reed’s is now thriving; there are currently 737 pupils at the School with a 7:1 application ratio, a solid financial footing, record high GCSE results with over 73% A*/A and, most importantly, our Foundation not only remains at the core of the School, but is well supported. The impact of the Foundation on the School overall, through its adherence to excellence in pastoral care and the values it instils in all our pupils, is a core strength of the School. David has been absolutely instrumental in driving this.

He has led the Risk Committee, Finance & Investment Committee and has also served as the representative for the D&T and Music Departments. Crucial, however, is his work for the Foundation. In the 1990s, when the School was facing financial difficulties and had to sell off some land, he fought to ensure that half the proceeds were put in an endowment for the Foundation. He leads the Governors to make difficult decisions, because it is the ‘right thing to do’ for the Foundation. When funding has been short for specific Foundation pupils, he has stepped in and personally funded these children. In 2018/19 he served as our Foundation Appeal President, raising a record breaking £601,000, mainly from his personal contacts, by working tirelessly hand-writing letters, hosting events, and leading from the front.

The whole Reed’s School community, and especially our Foundation pupils, owe a huge debt of gratitude to this tremendous individual.

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